The success of any innovation is up to the beholder. An educational tool will only be successful if a teacher finds it useful and easy to use; otherwise, money wasted on another cool toy, at the time.

Unsuccessful innovation

Clickers / Individual Response systems

Successful Innovation


At one point clickers was the technology tool to have in order to individualize and accumulate fast data to determine student learning. As state test results plummet, teachers needed a way to see what their students were learning as they were teaching. The innovation of clickers was great due to the student interaction plus the immediate feedback. Lots of companies tried getting on the bandwagon of clickers and then some companies created devices that were not compatible with “any” equipment; therefore, making it difficult to install and use. Teachers who have to spend extra time on their new tool and do not see the advantage will give-up using it. Once one teacher has a difficult time with the new tool, word spreads and pretty soon the whole building has rejected it. Clickers have reached a downward spiral since the Ipad innovation. The compatibility feature with other i-devices is an advantage that has a positive effect in the success. It was easy seeing the advantage of a clicker, but there are more benefits with an Internet accessible ipad. In the public eye i-devices have become extremely popular which allows for greater affordability and more common ground. Syncing becomes practical when everyone has a similar device. Some schools have become early adopters; however, some schools are still hesitant. My school, administrators are hesitant to make the technology leap. Unfortunately, more computers regardless of whether it is an ipad or an apple computer they all require bandwidth and money; therefore it is an authority decision that must be made.


Maddux, C.D., & Johnson, D. (2011). Technology in education and the concept of cultural momentum.  Computers in the schools, 28(1), 1-4.  Doi:10.1080/07380569.2011.553150


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