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  1. You state that an individualized instruction is easier online than in a regular class. Why would you think this would be the case? What specific tools make it different? A teacher could potentially differentiate instruction to all of his/her students. What makes it different online? You seem to infer that it would be easier with technology. Provided a teacher still prepares, grades etc. what could be so different? Thanks for your answer.

    1. Most of my classes I have twenty-five students in a class and they are all at different levels and all learn differently. It may be just me, but I find it extremely difficult to individualize instruction. I try to integrate activities that involved various learning styles, but when it comes to specific individualization, I have not found a way to achieve. Technology allows more individualization, just by offering exercises and assessments online. If students do not pass assessments then you can have it linked or assign further remedial lessons or practice. Students who use technology can use resources to help them as opposed to not having one and only relying on the teacher for a source.

      I imagine more self-learning based upon student interests and student needs and the teacher serves more as a facilitator.

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