EDUC 7102 Module 2 Blog Post: Communication

Communication is any time an exchange of information exists.  Technology has globalized communication through the use of the Internet and mobile devices.  The world is completely different place now in comparison when the Pony Express was in existence.  People had to wait days to receive a notice, but now within seconds a message can be sent and delivered. 

I do think that communication has increased through the use of social networks, discussion boards, YouTube, blogs, video chat, skype and many other tools.  People are always communicating and sharing their life with the world.  Society has become digital and dependent upon their technology devices.

Even though there is more communication there is less face-to-face communication; therefore, that skill is a missing link as kids grow-up.  Is it ok that students are spending more time in front of a technological device instead of in front of an actual person? 

The first blog I looked at, Courtney’s blog, had the same thought that I did that communication has grown and exceeded what was originally thought or dreamed.  It is hard to believe that communication began with cave drawings and now in 2013 we have iPads and cell phones along with other mobile devices that make communication easy and simple.  It is unimaginable where the world might be in fifty years. 

The second blog discussed the importance of distance education and how it has opened up education around the world.  Communication between two people no longer takes days or even weeks, within a matter of seconds or even at the same time communication can take place.  This has allowed people from across the world to receive the opportunities of attending universities of their choice and even more opportunities through open market.

The third blog on communication I investigated mentioned the same thoughts I had about how distance education is actually harming students because they don’t have an authority figure, like in the classroom.  I understand where the author is coming out, but I don’t think all students are disrespectful due to the amount of technology they are using.  A true distance learning atmosphere is still going to have the teacher who assigns and grades work.  The instructor also serves as the mediator when needed, so I don’t think we can blame distance education for the lack of respect that our students have towards each other and towards adults.  However, it may serve as a reason why they cannot communicate with students or other people in a face-to face environment.


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One thought on “EDUC 7102 Module 2 Blog Post: Communication

  1. Ann,
    Communication has evolved with the use of technology. As with anything, innovations have a good side and a bad side. One good thing about communication using technolgoy is that students who usually do not communicate often through face to face interactions are more comfortable with communication through technology. We can now communicate with people all over the world. Think about our soilders, many never spoke a word to family while deployed and now they can see each other as they talk. Communication has definitely evolved for the better. I do not agree with children texting each other while in the same room, but they seem to enjoy it. You brought up some good points. It will be amazing to see what could be next if technology has advanced so much this far.

    Solita Shelton

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