Storyboard for Educ 7102

EDUC 7102 story board


4 thoughts on “Storyboard for Educ 7102

  1. Hi there ! Sure, I can make a suggestion. I researched my topic and noticed that certain authors on the articles I found were consistent. So this made me Google the author. When I did I found pics and a curriculum vita for one in particular. The real researchers present as keynote speakers all the time to show off and share their research. Does that help? What authors show up consistently in your 5-6 research articles from the library? Will you be adding some pics to your story board. This way you can use them later.

    Alison Parker

  2. Hi Ann. Your storyboard is not very far along. The longer you wait to start really planning your project, the more difficult and stressful it will be. I would like to see you revise and greatly expand your storyboard so that you can get input from your fellow students, as well as your instructor. It is very important that you begin to think “visually” for this presentation. You have some good ideas for a basic premise, but you don’t want to film a lot of shots that you don’t need and won’t use. The Storyboard is the planning document that saves you time. I hope to see a revision soon!


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