Educ 7102: Module 4 Graphic Organizer

Module 4 graphic organizer collaboratin communication and contentpdf

Module 4 graphic organizer collaboratin communication and contentpdf

It is important to integrate ways for students to receive their content, communicate and also collaborate with peers and their teacher to ensure the ultimate online environment of success. 

It is important that the instruction has provided a way to disperse information about the course.  The syllabus, agenda and calendar are important for students to be able to easily access.  Students may also use the research database to be able to research topics.  Webinars allows the instructor to give extra information about the content.  Problem-based learning allows the student to investigate and find information through web quests and more intense study. 

Communication with the instructor and peers allows information to be shared and help provided.  Email is a way the student and the teacher can correspond when there is a problem as a specific question.  Discussion board can be provided to gear questions and problems that arise.  Students are prompted to post questions to the board, so anyone can answer or it is possible that other student might have a similar question.  As social network is a great tool that allows student to communicate as a group or reach out to the global world.

Collaboration encourages a group to work together to learn and help each other grow in content knowledge.  Anything that encourages students to interact and work on projects together.  Second Life encourages interaction within the virtual community.  DocuShare, wikis and blogs allow students to share work and comment on work.  Social bookmarking allows student to bookmark sites and use other people’s sites to save time on researching and looking at ideas.

4 thoughts on “Educ 7102: Module 4 Graphic Organizer

  1. Nice job Ann. I hadn’t thought about video conferencing falling into all three categories. I saw that interactive discussion falls into all three categories. Can you give me an example of what you mean by interactive discussion?

    1. Video conferencing allow more than one person communicate by using a camera on the computer. It is similiar to skype, but it allows you to have multiple people join the conference and see each other and hear each other.

  2. Hi Ann –

    Your graphic organizer looks great! The resources you give are excellent tools for DE learners in capturing content, communication and collaboration. Second Life is a collaboration tool I am unfamiliar with. Can you elaborate more on how it works?

    Thanks So Much!


    1. I have not personally used Second Life, but to my understanding it is a virtual world that allows you to enroll in various communities and be involved in those communities.

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