Educ 7101 video

video for Educ 7101


6 thoughts on “Educ 7101 video

    1. Yes, you are correct. Every time I went to add audio the program locked-up. After having to restart and being frustrated I decided I would do it without voice over until I could figure out the issue. I could make a podcast fine, but inserting it in the wondershare the program froze again. I am still working on that issue. Other than that, what do you think? I am sure there are tons of things I could have done differently, but this is what I cam up with after having to restart several times due to unforseen technical issues. If it happened it happened to me. I just about gave up.

      1. Hello Ann,
        I loved your introduction……looks and feels very professional. Lovely music! However, after 2 minutes I could not hear any music or see any movement. The word cards the boy holds up might be darker to enhance the ability to see the message on each card.


  1. Hi Ann –

    What an outstanding presentation! I admire your style and creativity. Frankly, not including your voice – was genius! The presentation is clear, professional and gives a 21st century orientation . . .


    1. Well, everyone else seemed to think I needed my voice. I had planned on doing audio, but my computer ‘s audio capability decided not to work. Needless to say I now have audio thanks to a new computer.

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