Eleana is The Boss

This is Eleana Monday, October 21, 2013, after the nurse made her a few bows.
This is Eleana Monday, October 21, 2013, after the nurse made her a few bows.

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imageRonald McDonald Room, very AWESOME!!imageimageimageGoogled morning daddy!!

od Morning!  It is Tuesday, October 22, 2013.  Eleana had a good night.  Cardiologist nurse said no surgery Will be needed at this point.imageimageLeisa is exhausted 10-21image

imageimageimageimageLeisa is just a “little” excited that the nurses let her hold Eleana!

The nurses let Leisa hold baby Eleana.In tribute to Emily In tribute to Emily


Monday morning, 10-21-13 doctors collaborating.

image image

Minister at Children's Mercy brought  prayer afgan.
Minister at Children’s Mercy brought prayer afgan. This was taken Sunday, 10-20-13 before they removed vent.

Eleana and Leisa

Vent is gone, outta here and never coming back!  Freedom!  Eleana is able to move and stretch. Beautiful!,
Vent is gone, outta here and never coming back! Freedom! Eleana is able to move and stretch. Beautiful!,



I have tried to put everything I remember up to this point. I tried really hard on keeping it third person, but sometimes I failed, sorry. It is difficult to edit on iPhone.


Leisa, Ann and Aimee Rea spent night On Saturday night. Hospital gave us a room. Leisa and Aimee shared bed, Ann slept in chair.
Nurses and doctors super nice and compassionate. They all made us feel at home and involved us.

Doctors and nurses came in room to discuss Eleana and we believe she did not like being talked about and ignored, so she held her breath. At this exact moment an alarm and doctor’s pagers were going off and then Eleana’s alarms went crazy. Well Eleana scared us and doctors enough they will not remove her vent today. Better to be safe than risk something. They allowed the three of us to stay back with Eleana until we left for lunch. Upon our return there was a new receptionist and she would not allow the three of us back in.

I spent afternoon working on sub plans while Leisa and Aimee stayed with Eleana.

Joyce came and Aimee came out and started waiting with Ann. Aimee  and Ann decided to kill time by getting cupcakes. After putting a plea for assistance for really good cupcakes on Facebook we were able to find a place ten minutes away. Then girls went for Starbucks. They went to CVS and walgreens in hope to find sweats for Ann, no luck. Aimee Googled and called a Dollar General and was given confirmation of having sweats. Mission accomplished.

During this time a pickline was trying to be put in and after numerous attempts they gave up. The line kept curling up.
Aimee and Ann returned to hospital to find more of Emmi’s family members. Emmi’s brother, Adam, wife and kids, two girls ages two and three. Coffee was delivered and cupcakes were shared.
Joyce left to head to Joplin and then Adam and family left shortly after. Aimee and leisa went back to Eleana to see her before visiting hours were over.

Aimee left around 8:30.
Leisa ate down in cafeteria.
Leisa and Ann came back with the hopes of the nurses to remove her vent.

9:15 waiting on doctor who is in a lobor room to come take out vent. Leisa and Ann are waiting excitedly and anxiously as they wait for baby Eleana to have her tube pulled.

Eleana has done so well today. It seems like she has grown before their very eyes.

Eleana has a roommate. Premie, boy, John 6 pounds. Lungs not fully developed and mom has not produced breast milk.

Three month old baby boy across hallway, he has developed a cough and has not been happy in the last 30 minutes. He gave the nurse an awful look. He is pissed. They need to put him back in the bouncer.

Still waiting on doctor.

Eleana is sleeping very soundly, regardless of the blood curdling screaming from across hall.

Leisa and I had quite the adventure last night as we tried to find a hotel.  The idea was to stay down the street at the Sheratin, but we had no plan to pay almost 200 dollars, so we started looking for otherS.  We called two or three and they were either booked or too expensive. We decided on one and we just drove to it to find it was booked. Then we put another one in GPS.  Here we are going through Kansas City, not very many on road.  I am sure I broke some traffic laws along with hacking off a bus driver who wanted in my lane and a taxi driver who wouldn’t get over. Then the crazy taxi driver decided to talk to us at the stop light.  I tried to go faster and I tried to slow waay down, but taxi driver wouldn’t leave us alone. Finally I acted like I was turning into McDonalds and then we waited for the taxi to disappear.

We finally got a hotel and the room was clean and we had hot water.  It ft good to get some sleep and take a hot shower.  I owe Leisa.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Eleana did WONDERFUL last night on her own and no vent.  She is absolutely beautiful and doing wonderful.

Eleana Rose continues to amaze us.

Nurses continue to be able to turn down oxygen and meds.  Awesome!!

Doctors are in room now and they have given orders to wean her off Nitric oxide.  Eleana will go from 5 to 4 on the hour and then two next hour one the next and off the following hour.  Yay!!  She continues to get better.

It is 5:49pm on Monday, October 21, 2013.

Leisa’s brother Shannon came to visit while Leisa was hlosing Baby Eleana.  I am in waiting room posting on blog.

Eleana continues to improve.

10:37 pm on Monday, October 21, 2013

Leisa and I received news at about 8pm that we would be staying another night up in KC. We hoped Andrew was going to make it to take over as we have been trying to be a substitute while his world came crashing down on him.  We had already talked to the social worker and got him a hotel for the night, thanks to the hospital.  This hospital, Children’s Mercy, is totally unreal, their service, hospitality, friendliness, care, is always 150% All of the time.  Every nurse, doctor, intern, specialist, everyone had been spectacular.  I know without a shadow of doubt that Eleana has been given and provided top-notch care because every single person has a heart of gold, they care and love what they do. Their compassionate heart allowed us to hold Eleana tonight. It was such a blessing to be able to cradle heron our arms after watching her for a couple of days hooked up to lots of IV’s and just being able to touch her.

As I was holding Eleana she woke up, opened her eyes and started gazing at everything.  Eleana stayed up, not being able to get enough of our world for a good two hours before she fell asleep.  It was like, oh my what have missed.  She was very active and alert, very awesome.

she has still had no need to cry.  Yes, that is right, through all of this she has been the perfect lady and has taken all the pricks all the pikes without raising her voice.  She truly has a gentle spirit. I believe God is taking care and healing her just in time so Andrew can hold Eleana tomorrow. God’s touch of healing has allowed Eleana to not experience and feel the unpleasant things; therefore, she has had no need to cry.  God has and is truly taking care of her.

God is good,  all of the time!!


8 thoughts on “Eleana is The Boss

  1. Thank you so much for keeping those of us who cannot come there in touch with her progress. We love her so much and are so happy to get some good news today.

  2. Wow – I don’t even know her & still her story touches me. I can’t imagine what the family is going through right now. They are lucky to have so many wonderful family members for prayer & support. 🙂

  3. Thank you for posting all of these pictures and comments. It’s wonderful to see how well she is doing, and she is so beautiful. We thank God and you all for being there with her to hold her and love her. She needs family love to grow. Paulena (Emily’s mom Nancy’s aunt)

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